Accessible Class Document

Heading Styles

When we create documents or webpages, like our syllabus or assignment prompts, we are used to creating various sections of a document by bolding the text. This is fine for those who access the document visually, but for those who require a screen reader to navigate documents and websites, heading styles provide the same means of navigating a document as bold lettering provides for others.

For Microsoft Office Documents, you can find the heading styles in the top ribbon under "Home."

Microsoft Word Home ribbon

In Canvas, you can find heading styles in the bottom, right-hand section of the Rich Content Editor toolbar.

Canvas header tool


In our personal lives, we may be used to sending friends and family links to various websites we think are interesting or entertaining by sending the URL, or this: While this may work for us in the moment, we wouldn't enjoy using the web if every single link we used to navigate was presented to us in this manner. In fact, most links we encounter are formatted as text, such as "Sign in" or "Learn how to do this here!" Not only does this create a more visually appealing webpage, it creates a more accessible one, too. Rather than hearing a string of letters and symbols, a student using a screen reader will have a clearer idea of the link's content. Using this method, our URL provided above would appear as Canvas Accessibility Tips. Much better, right? Learn how to create accessible links in your Canvas site.

Creating Hyperlinks to Websites:

  1. Copy (CTRL+C or right-click -> Copy) the URL you want to use for your hyperlink.
  2. Highlight the text you want to use as the hyperlink.
  3. Create the hyperlink.
    1. If you are using Microsoft Office, right-click on the highlighted text and then click on Hyperlink. In the following pop-up window, paste the URL into the Address field. Then click OK.
    2. If you are using Canvas, click on the Link to URL button in the Rich Content Editor . Paste the URL into the text box provided, and then click Insert Link.