Academic Program Development

Developing new online programs

IU is developing new online academic programs to serve the students in Indiana and beyond. These high quality programs protect and advance the integrity of the IU degree while, at the same time, providing flexibility and convenience for students and opportunities for innovation for faculty.

Description of the video:

>> I'm really glad that I did the collaborative course. It really helped thinking about the way things can be designed differently. Everybody has their own signature style that they want to keep. There're some things that you get so tied to and you do them out of habit in your courses, but you may need to break those habits.

The collaboration forced me to reflect on that. We started by agreeing on a strong foundation of core concepts based on state requirements. We covered same topics across all campuses, but instructors have a lot of flexibility with regard to assessment. We have a buffet of assignments and instructor can choose based on his or her teaching style.

I prefer a lot of homework, whereas some others prefer more discussions or writing. In health care inter-professional education is so important. I'm a practicing clinician, and I collaborated with a health administrator from another campus. We have totally different approaches, and our students get the best of both in our classes.

I take from her administrative side, and she takes from my clinical side, and our graduates are better prepared because of it.

New online academic programs are designed to attract new students to IU—students we may not be able to serve otherwise.