Continuing the Conversation

Continuing the Conversation Webinar Series

Continuing the Conversation is a webinar series featuring faculty across campuses and disciplines sharing their experiences as online instructors.

The series focuses on teaching in online and blended environments. Topics include delivering course material, creating engaging activities, fostering interaction with and among students, and assessing students' learning.

Presenters provide real examples to give attendees ideas they can use in their own classes. Sessions include interactive components and question and answer sessions that model best practices in online instructional engagement.

Spring 2022 Webinars

April 22, 1pm – "A Spiral Approach to Partner-Based Online Discussions"

Jeremy Price
Assistant professor of technology, innovation, and pedagogy in urban education
School of Education, IUPUI

Online discussion forums have been an integral part of the effort to provide social learning experiences for students online. An area of concern, however, is that frequently social learning and deep, multilevel cognitive learning are treated separately rather than as an inclusive package, with practices and outcomes that are separate and distinct rather than intertwined and co-generative. This proposal describes an approach that recognizes the tricky concept of time, the importance of scaffolding and social constructivism, and the need to ground online practices in a spiral approach (Bruner, 2009; National Research Council, 2000) with Bloom’s revised taxonomy (Krathwohl, 2002; Wedlock, 2017) as a guide. Students are paired in online discussions over three-week units in which the unit follows a scaffolded Understanding-Analyzing-Transforming structure. Pairs provide each other feedback in order to support each other’s growth and learning. It is hoped that the roundtable format will strengthen this framework and help to identify theoretical and practical shortcomings in the approach and in the analysis to provide more robust learning opportunities across time in online courses.

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May 20, 1pm – "Effective Online Course Design: A Catalyst to Direct Learning"

Gloria Preece
Assistant dean, director of MBA and MPM programs
Assistant professor of personal financial planning and marketing
School of Business, IU Kokomo

Directing the learning process in an online format can challenge even the most experienced online instructor. Asynchronous formats, limited teacher-learner interaction, and misalignment of expectations are only a few obstacles instructors navigate as they strive to direct learning in an online course.

This presentation will not provide all the answers to the online teaching challenges, but it will provide course design examples that apply choice architecture (Thaler & Sunstein, 2008) using Canvas tools. In this session, you will learn how to effectively direct the learning process by improving learner decision making using:

  • Pre-reading and post-reading learning outcome surveys
  • Muddiest point group discussions
  • Exam wrappers

Carefully constructed learning environments can nudge learners towards self-evaluation and reflection of one's own knowledge and effort resulting in higher levels of metacognition.

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