Teaching Experience

The online teaching experience

Online education at Indiana University opens up new possibilities for student learning and also affords you the opportunity to expand your pedagogical and technical skills in order to teach most effectively in the virtual classroom. What is it like to teach online?

How do I deliver online lectures?

How do I get students to engage online?

I am passionate about my discipline and my teaching. How do I transmit that passion to online students?

I’m worried about tests and exams in online classes. What can I do to ensure students are doing their own work?

Ensuring the integrity of online assessments is an important part of establishing a credible, high-quality online program. Indiana University supports many strategies for maintaining assessment integrity, and instructors often find that a combination of strategies works best.

Assessment design considerations

Many lower stakes assessments

When a course offers many opportunities for students to demonstrate their learning and earn points, there is less temptation to cheat. Having only a few high stakes assessments in a course increases pressure on students. Providing a mix of higher and lower stakes assessments can help you get to know your students’ work, provide multiple opportunities for feedback, deter cheating, and ensure a robust course.

Authentic assessment

Assessments that require students to analyze and apply new knowledge within real-world contexts rather than simply produce facts provide more reliable evidence that students have met the learning outcomes and understand the concepts you want them to learn. This type of assessment is also more secure since it relies on unique student interaction with the content, rather than a set of correct answers that can be shared among students taking the assessment.

Proctoring services

University testing centers

Many IU campuses have testing centers, whether computer labs that are equipped with lockdown browser software or fully staffed testing centers that can accommodate students taking different tests for various classes at the same time. To learn more about what’s available for your students, contact your campus teaching center.

Online proctoring services

Indiana University provides online proctoring services through Examity, a video and remote proctoring service that conducts proctored assessments without the constraints of time and physical space. Remote proctoring services verify students’ identities and report any signs of academic dishonesty by monitoring students’ behavior while testing. Examity integrates directly within Canvas LMS, thereby enabling instructors and students to readily access scheduled exams within each course.