Student Interaction with Course Material

Student Interaction with Course Material: How online tools can be used to excite the online student with the course topic

Continuing the Conversation with John Gosney

Sometimes it is hard for students to find interest in the course content, especially with a shortened summer session course. This webinar will explore relevant connections between the course material and the students’ own fields of study. The faculty member used small group discussion, then combined those presentations into one culminating presentation. Students uploaded recorded presentations of the connections they found between the course material and their own major, then asynchronously discussed those presentations. This presentation will explain the course structure, discuss how it was delivered through Canvas, and explain the use of video capture tools. The presenter will also show examples of student work.

About the presenter

John Gosney is the Director of Faculty Engagement & Outreach for the Learning Technologies division of Indiana University’s central IT group. In this role, Gosney oversees a portfolio that includes IT consulting in the campus teaching centers, IT Training, assistive technology and accessibility, and teaching and learning initiatives focused on electronic textbooks and active learning. Gosney is also a lecturer in American Studies at IUPUI, where he teaches both face-to-face and online courses focusing on American popular culture.