The Perils and Victories of Online Collaboration

The Perils and Victories of Online Collaboration

Continuing the Conversation with Linda Cox, Stephanie Whitehead, Dina Peterson, and Monica Solinas-Saunders

Are you thinking about starting a collaborative program through IU Online? Or have you started one and not sure what the process is? Come see what others have done throughout the process in this IU Online Webinar focusing on Collaborative Programs. During this webinar you will meet current IU faculty across multiple campuses that have been directly involved with developing an IU Online Collaborative program. Hear their experiences with the perils and victories of this process which will include the starting stages of the process, how they were successful during the development of their programs, and the status of their end product. This will be a panel discussion with a question and answer session.


About the presenters

Linda Cox has been a faculty member in the Radiologic Sciences faculty since 1990. She became director of the Medical Imaging Technology Program in 2011. Linda holds degrees in Radiography, Medical Imaging, and Health Sciences Education. She is registered in Radiography, Computed Technology and Magnetic Resonance Imaging and has been in the Medical Imaging field since 1979.

Dr. Stephanie Whitehead is Associate Professor of Criminal Justice and Director of the Center for Faculty Development at Indiana University East. She received her Ph.D. in Criminal Justice from Indiana University Bloomington in 2011. She has been involved in online education since joining the faculty at IU East in 2010. Her publication and presentation record include work related to the affective dynamics of online teaching and learning. Her research interests relate to policing and race, cultural criminology, and the affective dynamics of crime and justice.

Dina Peterson is the Assistant Professor of Clinical Radiologic and Imaging Sciences. Dina earned her Master of Adult Education at Indiana University. She joined IUPUI in 2010 where she teaches Ultrasound Physics, Medical Ethics for Radiologic Technologists, and the Radiology Resident Ultrasound Technology course. She is one of the project managers for the IU School of Medicine Point of Care Ultrasound initiative. Additionally, she is involved in the development and design of the Medical Imaging Technology Online Bachelor’s Degree program, which involves the collaborative effort of faculty from IUNW, IUSB, IUPUI, and IUK.

Monica Solinas-Saunders is an Associate Professor in SPEA. Monica holds a Ph.D. in Sociology from the University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA and a Post-Doc from Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN. She joined IU Northwest in 2011 where she teaches Introduction to Criminal Justice (MPA), Statistical Techniques (K300), and Corrections. Monica has been teaching online courses since 2009 adapting to different Learning Management Systems (Blackboard, Oncourse, and CANVAS). At IU Online, Monica has been involved in two collaborative initiatives.