Student Interaction with Learning Materials

Student Interaction with Learning Materials: How IUanyWare can facilitate the online student experience

Continuing the Conversation with Stephanie Cox and Ellyn Pruitt

When you're teaching in a physical computer lab, you can ensure all students have access to the same software on similarly configured machines, but when students are using their own devices in online classes, you lose that consistent configuration. Not with IUanyWare, which allows students and faculty to log in to virtual computers to access a wide range of software titles needed for a class without having to purchase separate licenses for their personal computers. Plus, students can access these virtual desktops from any device, anywhere they have a connection to the Internet. During this webinar, learn about the current resources at IU and how these solutions can be used in an online course.


About the presenter

Ellyn Pruitt is an alumna of Indiana University Bloomington. When she joined UITS in 2007 as a student technology consultant, she embraced the opportunity to empower students, faculty, and staff with the learning technologies available at IU. She has watched the transformation of the IUanyWare service as an end-user and as a front-line support consultant. She joined the virtualization team back in 2016.