Student Interaction with Instructor

Student Interaction with Instructor: How online tools and open access can assist students in an online foreign language classroom

Continuing the Conversation with Dr. Francoise Bachelder

Teaching online is often seen as being impersonal; however, this doesn’t have to be the case. The online environment can be used as a forum where students can feel free to express their real knowledge through different activities that correspond to their own learning preferences. They can use the discussion board to exchange ideas and information with their peers. They also have access to readings and website information and can submit the required assignments that will receive immediate feedback from their instructors. During this webinar, the faculty member will share ideas on how to engage students in an online environment with weekly virtual meetings, direct feedback on assignments, and interesting group discussions and assessments that intrigue all the students in the course.

About the presenter

Dr. Francoise Bachelder is originally from Montpellier, France, where she received a master’s degree in cultural anthropology. She also has a master's in French from San Diego State University and a Ph.D. in curriculum and instruction from Purdue University. Bachelder has taught in high school in California, and at the university level in Indiana and Ohio. Her research interest is in multicultural education, and she has taught many classes online on this subject. She believes that online learning is very challenging but also extremely rewarding. Bachelder enjoys teaching French courses online with many tools, and loves guiding and supporting the students’ online experience when learning a new language and developing an appreciation for French culture.​