Ilona Marie Hajdu

Senior Associate Director, Administration, Finance, & Compliance

Office of Online Education
Smith Research Center Suite 150
2805 E 10th St
Bloomington, IN


Ilona started working in the office at its inception in early 2012, and provides leadership and strategic oversight over all functional areas of the office’s portfolio, including collaborative academic and program development, compliance, student services, marketing and communications, and institutional reporting. Ilona also manages an operational budget in excess of $7 million, and serves as grant administrator for $1.6 million in external and internal grant funds which support the development and delivery of online programs and courses. As the university's compliance officer for online education, Ilona provides leadership over the integration of state and federal regulations, and state and national accreditation standards, into university, campus, and program practices.

In 2012, Ilona completed her master’s degree in IU’s online adult education program while continuing to work full-time, an experience that gives her invaluable insight and a comprehensive understanding of the unique needs of nontraditional and online students that has benefited her greatly in her leadership role in online education. Ilona recently completed her doctoral coursework in instructional systems technology at Indiana University, and anticipates earning her PhD by the end of 2017.  Ilona’s doctoral research focuses on the evolving instructional roles and future employment models for post-secondary faculty, and she also participates in research that seeks to identify the core judgments held by instructional designers.

Ilona has been with IU since 2008, and was formerly the associate director for client relations at Kelley Executive Partners in the Kelley School of Business, where her responsibilities included program management and strategic market research and analysis to continuously assess and improve Kelley’s continuing education and leadership development programs. Prior to joining IU, Ilona worked for over twenty years as a paralegal, specializing in public law.

Key Responsibilities

  • Manages the coordination of all day-to-day operations of the office.
  • Prioritizes and maintains oversight for a complex and diverse range of projects supporting the office’s strategic and operational agenda to ensure that all are effectively moving according to planned objectives and established milestones and measurement criteria, ensures effective communications, prepares status reports, and trouble-shoots as necessary.
  • Ensures the cultivation of relationships and activities designed to move the office’s strategic direction forward.
  • Assists the director with the assessment of new online program proposals, and review of existing online programs.
  • Participates in key strategic advisory committee meetings to ensure appropriate communications and responsive follow-up and accountability.
  • Develops and manages a proactive and effective team to ensure comprehensive and integrated services that support the strategic goals of the office.
  • Provides oversight and ensures adherence to university policies and procedures for the development and maintenance of a web portal for all IU online education offerings.
  • Provides oversight of the development of appropriate data collection for online programs.
  • Manages the office’s budget and financial planning.
  • Develops and manages policies and procedures to ensure compliance with university regulations, accrediting bodies, and state and federal laws and regulations related to the delivery of online and distance education.
  • Collaborates and communicates with other university offices to identify potential areas of compliance vulnerability and risk related to the delivery of online and distance education, and regularly consults with university officials, including the chief compliance officer, the general counsel’s office, and other key stakeholders to seek guidance and resolve compliance issues related to delivery of distance education.