Faculty Media Production Spaces

Chroma Key with Background

Through the use of chroma key technology (AKA “green screen”), faculty can be shown superimposed in front of stills, PowerPoint presentations, or motion video.

Picture-in-Picture (PIP)

The Sony Anycast has the ability to generate one or two variable-sized windows which can be placed anywhere on the screen.

Combining Effects

Combining effects are also possible. In this example, chroma key is used to provide a background, while the faculty member’s PowerPoint presentation is shown in a PIP.

Chroma Key with PowerPoint

In this example, the PowerPoint presentation is the background with the presenter superimposed over it.


Each Faculty Media Production Space has a Telestrator. This allows faculty to use different-colored digital ink to annotate, draw or create diagrams and equations over stills, motion video or PowerPoint.

Multiple Cameras

There are two Sony HD remote control cameras located in each production space. This allows for capturing video from two different vantage points for demonstrations, interviews and performances.


Teleprompters are available to aid faculty in relaying complex content while looking at the camera.

Light Board

Light Boards (aka Learning Glass) are available for use in both Faculty Media Production Spaces. This technology allows faculty members to face the camera while writing or drawing.

Broadcast-quality Graphics

Broadcast-quality graphics such as lower third name keys are easily created and used in the faculty production spaces.


Creative video scenarios to relate course content and concepts is another way of using the Faculty Media Production Spaces.

Adjustable Table

Whether you choose to sit or stand while recording your lesson, an adjustable-height table makes finding the most comfortable setting easy.