Quality Checklist

Structure & Purpose

The IU Online Course Quality Checklist document outlines the essential elements an online instructor should check before opening their online course to students. The checklist is divided into four aspects of course design:

  1. Course Orientation and Policies
  2. Organization
  3. Alignment
  4. Universal Design for Learning and Interaction

In these sections, instructors are prompted to check if they have included select features in their online course that add up to provide a quality learning environment to our online students.

This checklist is not comprehensive. It is a starting point for discussion regarding quality assurance between you and your campus Center for Teaching and Learning. We encourage you to use this document for a self-review of your online course and hope that it will be a stepping-stone as you consider taking your online course through the QM-certification process.

Target Audience

The target audience for this checklist are all online instructors, deans and program coordinators at Indiana University. This checklist also links to the following useful resources that are freely available to IU faculty:

  1. IU Canvas Studio
  2. IU QM Syllabus Template
  3. Teaching for Student Success – An Evidence-Based Approach Canvas Course
  4. Technology Tool Finder
  5. "How do I Make my Class Accessible?" document
  6. IU Interaction Standard
  7. Creating an Accessible Syllabus using Microsoft Word

Instructors are not limited to the resources above. We encourage faculty to work with their Center for Teaching and Learning for templates and other helpful resources, as well as one-on-one support. If you choose to use the QM Syllabus Template document for your course syllabus, you will meet 10 QM-standards out of the 42 standards.

If you have questions regarding this document or the QM-certification process, please consider reaching out to your Center for Teaching and Learning for additional information.