Math and Writing Support

Photo of Eleni SiatraEleni Siatra
Partnership Manager
Writing Center, IUE


The Math and Writing Support Partnership will serve all students enrolled in 100 percent online undergraduate degree programs, giving them direct access to campus tutoring services and faculty.

Math services will cover course levels up to Calculus I. Mentors at the IU East Online Math Resource Center will provide feedback and expertise to students in math courses, and they will work closely with faculty to address student concerns.

Writing services will be limited to 10 pages of material per day, per student, with no restriction on discipline. Consultants at the IU East Online Writing Center will respond to student inquiries, review papers, and offer detailed feedback using online tools.

The partnership will leverage, and contribute to, the existing infrastructure at IU East to deliver the services. It will not replace, or take away from, the efforts of on-campus centers.

Partnership initiated: July 2016