Financial Services

Financial Services

Photo of Lauren GreiderLauren Greider
Partnership Lead
Executive Director
Student Financial Services, IUPUI

Sara Lambie
Partnership Manager
Associate Director
Online Student Financial Services, IUPUI


The Student Financial Services Partnership will serve as a liaison between IU Online students and their campuses. The partnership will create and promote resources that will aid prospective, admitted, and current students in understanding the financial aid process, estimating costs associated with enrollment, developing effective money management skills, and preparing for successful loan repayment. The partnership will also connect online students with the financial services experts at their campuses, foster the relationships between students and staff, and provide enhanced financial services counseling tools for all of the campuses.

In general, the partnership will not provide direct service to online students. Full authority and responsibility for the administration of aid, the review of student accounts, and the resolution of student issues will remain with the individual campuses. The partnership will support training of campus staff to answer general questions about financial services for online students.

Partnership initiated: March 2016