Success Coaching

Photo of Cherie DolehantyCherie Dolehanty
Partnership Manager, IUE
Director, University College

Photo of Robin TewRobin Tew
Partnership Manager, IUPUI
Associate Director, Degree Completion Office


The Success Coach Partnership will develop a fully staffed and trained team of coaches who are ready to proactively support IU online students (1 FTE/500 enrolled IU Online students) by the end of July 2017. Success coaches will make weekly contact with new online students to assist with the transition back to college and/or to online classes. Coaches will serve as conduits between students and other university service providers—including academic advisors and faculty members—to ensure students receive individualized support regardless of their ability to access a physical IU campus. Each coach is assigned a prescribed number of programs and students, and follows detailed communication and support plans tied to industry standards and best practices. With the support of their coach, students will identify their purpose for earning a college degree and establish a development plan focused on future goals.

Partnership initiated: July 2016