Career Services

Photo of Robbie Lopez-ShueRobbie Lopez-Shue
Partnership Lead, IUPUI
Director, Degree Completion Office

Temporary Vacancy
Partnership Manager, IUPUI


The Career Services Partnership will provide students with support and guidance in the following areas: exploring career options and the world of work; developing job search materials such as a resume, an ePDP, and a LinkedIn profile; and using proven techniques for conducting a successful job search. Career support builds on the conversations and related plans developed with the success coaches. Because the success coaches develop deep connections with students through the coaching model, referrals to career services will be proactive, tailored, and data-driven. A model of early career planning will be implemented so that students are working toward achieving career goals throughout their educational experience, not just near the point of graduation. Career services will use existing IU technology to enhance student learning related to career development and to increase efficiency in service delivery. (Current support is offered through CareerEdge and an enterprise subscription to CareerVault.) The partnership will also work with academic departments and faculty to integrate career support into academic programming.

Partnership initiated: March 2016