Seamless student services

Support for IU Online students

Online education continues to grow at Indiana University. More and more students take online courses from multiple campuses, and they increasingly expect “seamless” student services that are available from one campus to another. What’s more, students’ experiences with other online services (like Amazon, iTunes, and Netflix) lead them to expect high-quality online services that are readily accessible and easy to use, and that anticipate their needs.

With this in mind, the Office of Online Education (OOE) is leading a collaborative effort with campuses to provide 21st-century services for online students. These services, combined with our 24/7 contact center and Salesforce customer relationship management system, enable IU to fully engage with online students and support their academic success.

What Is the Collaborative Partnership Model?

IU designed a collaborative partnership model for providing services to online students. This model leverages the expertise and resources of campuses while expanding these services across the university. The model allows campuses to retain core student services but wraps additional services around them.

The model has several benefits, including shorter start-up times, reduced costs, broader support of online education, integration of services that meet both on-campus and online student needs, and innovations that benefit all IU students.

How Does It Work?

OOE has initiated partnerships in nine areas of student services. Each partnership has a primary campus lead and involves a memorandum of agreement, detailed budget (funded through OOE), and key performance metrics.

Work commenced during summer 2016. Early deliverables include increased coordination of undergraduate recruitment efforts, as well as an orientation for undergraduate students that covers—among other topics—financial aid and financial literacy.


    Provide career service planning and counseling to IU Online students. Emphasis on maintaining and improving placement rates of graduates and maintaining statistics regarding these placements.

    Provide weekly contact with new online students to assist with the transition back to college and/or online classes. Contact will continue throughout the first semester and will remain available to students until they graduate.

    Provide information and proactive monitoring of financial aid and financial counseling to current and prospective students. Attention will be given to building relationships with individual students and to broad-based communications and educational modules.

    Provide 24/7 math support services for online students who are enrolled at any IU campus and who need help in an online course.

    Design and implement an online “onboarding and orientation” program for students new to online education. Provide assistance and support to familiarize students with the technology and expectations of online courses and programs.

    Provide personalized, high-touch recruitment of prospective students to IU Online programs.

    Develop and implement such student conduct initiatives as interactive orientation modules; training materials for faculty, staff, and students; analysis of existing university student conduct policies; database management of complaints and conduct cases related to online students; adjudication of complaints and conduct cases related to online students.

    Foster engagement and community among online students.