Friday, November 9, 2018

8:00am – 9:00am

Check-in and Breakfast | Studio Lounge

9:00am – 9:45am

Welcome and Opening Remarks | Ballroom

John Applegate, Executive Vice President for University Academic Affairs
Chris Foley, Associate Vice President and Director, Office of Online Education

10:00am – 10:45am


Creating a Digital Learning Community to Cultivate Academic Integrity

Gina Londino-Smolar (IUPUI), Carrie Hansel (eDS), Cagri Yildirim (eDS)

Studio 1

My Journey from Traditional Classroom to Virtual Teaching

Kevin Mickey (IUPUI), Julia Sanders (eDS)

Studio 5

Teaching Critical Thinking in Online Classrooms

Deborah Miller (IUE), Beth Trammell (IUE)

Studio 6

USDA Choice: Using Student Devices Advantageously

Rob Elliott (IUPUI), Hongqiu Zhao (IUPUI), Audrey Ricke (IUPUI)

Discovery A

IU Online Marketing and Recruitment Review

Lisa Denlinger (OOE), Mitchell Farmer (OOE)

Discovery B

IU eTexts: Composing, Publishing, and Promoting Online Engagement

Mark Goodner (IUPUI)

Studio 4

Quality Matters @ IU: Where Are We Now and Where Are We Going?

David Becker (OCAP), Samantha Earley (OCAP)

11:00am – 11:45am


Pathway to the Law: An Online Pipeline Curriculum

Max Huffman (IUPUI), Erin Engels (IUPUI), Allison Martin (IUPUI)

Studio 1

Make It Work: Giving Effective Feedback to Students

Jonah Li (IUB)

Studio 5

Taking Steps Backward: How Backward Design and Goal Alignment Creates Courses that Prepares Students for Practical Professional Skills

Kathy Compton (IUPUC), Pamela Eddy (eDS), Sally Jamerson (IUPUC)

Studio 6

Visualizing Learner Trajectories and Engagement to Improve Teaching and Learning

Michael Ginda (IUB), Katy Börner (IUB)

Discovery A

Online Learning Test Drive: Giving Prospective Students a Sneak Peak to the Online Experience

Julia Sanders (eDS), Mitchell Farmer (OOE), Joanna Ray (eDS)

Discovery B

Advising Online Students: The Evolution of Campus Partnerships at IU East

Cherie Dolehanty (IUE), Carla Ballenger (IUE), Susan Mote (IUE), Teresa Price (IUE)

Studio 4

How Do You Get Your Academic Program Approved?

Hitesh Kathuria (OCAP), Samantha Earley (OCAP), David Halloran (OCAP)

12:00pm – 1:30pm

Afternoon Keynote Address | Lunch | Ballroom

Breaking down the walls: Building authentic, open, networked communities in online courses

Dr. Alec Couros

1:45pm – 2:30pm


Facilitating Group Formation and Learning

Robert Ridlon (IUB), Scott Lemmon (IUB)

Studio 1

Gamify Learning for Student Success

Tara Kingsley (IUK)

Studio 5

Ritual as Pedagogical Practice in Online Teaching and Learning

Jeremy Price (IUPUI)

Studio 6

The Opportunities and Challenges of the Twenty First Century Virtual Team Learning Environment

Jaynne Rivas (IUE), Arkadiusz Mironko (IUE)

Discovery A

The Emerging Paradigm of Enrollment Management Functions in Public Higher Education

Craig Cornell (Ohio University)

Discovery B

Engagement Online: If You Want to Engage Online Learners, You Gotta Put a Ring on It

Lamia Scherzinger (IUPUI), Amy Johnson (IUPUI)

Studio 4

Bootcamp: One Week to an Online Class

Robin Morgan (IUS), David Becker (IUS), David Rainbolt (IUS)

2:45pm – 3:30pm


Breaking the Engagement Barrier: Building STEM Courses for Effective Remote Learning

Chris Connell (IUB), Greg Peters (IUB)

Studio 1

Strong Foundations: Step Inside A Showcase of Indiana University Online Courses

Anna Lynch (eDS), Matt Gunkel (eDS), Julia Sanders (eDS)

Studio 5

Transforming Assignments for the Online Environment

Chérie Dodd (IUK)

Studio 6

No Broken Bones: Increasing Student Engagement with Interactive & Experiential Learning Activities

Serdar Abaci (IUB), Linda A. Cox (IUPUI), Dina M. Peterson (IUPUI)

Discovery A

Investigating the Impact of Online Classes on Undergraduate Degree Completion

Sharon Wavle (OOE)

Discovery B

Success Coaching and Advising for Undergraduate Online Students

Carrie Reisner (IUE), Ali Bell (IUPUI), Cherie Dolehanty (IUE)

Studio 4

Non-Credit Coursework & Expand

Christy Cavanaugh (eDS), Chris Foley (OOE)

8:00am - 3:30pm

Innovation Corner | Foyer

Promoting Engagement with Digital Course Content

Emily Hunt and Michele Kelmer (IUPUI)

8:00am - 3:30pm

Resource Fair | Foyer

  • Office of Online Education
    • Marketing
    • Success Coaching
    • Compliance
  • Office of Collaborative and Academic Programs
  • eLearning Design & Services
    • Canvas Learning Analytics
    • Making eLearning Accessbile for All
    • eDS Resources and Examples
    • Meet the Latest Learning Technologies